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As a provider of both off-the-shelf and application-specific analog, power and motor control ICs for medical and wellness applications, Maxim Integrated’s innovative solutions have been extending the capabilities of healthcare products for over 30 years. Learn how we can help empowering your design!

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Application Examples

Remote Patient Monitoring/Vital Sign Patch

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Multi-Parameter Monitor (MPM)

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Wearable healthcare is transforming, again. More than something fun to wear, new monitoring devices are enabling healthcare professionals to use them as virtual care devices enabling more real-time exchange of accurate health data, assessment of chronic conditions, and evaluation of overall well-being. See how Maxim Integrated’s solutions can help you extract highly accurate vital signs from wearable designs.

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HSP3 Next Gen Demo Introducing the MAX-ECG-MONITOR Wearable ECG and Heart Monitor How to Quickly Measure SpO2, HR, and HRV Blood from Your Wrist Using the MAXREFDES103 Make High-Accuracy Biopotential and BioZ Measurements with MAX30001
Part No. Signal Type Measured Sign Measurement Site Buy/ Sample
Optical HR, SpO2, Respiration Rate Wrist Sample
MAX86176 Optical HR, SpO2, Afib Detection, Pulse Transit-Time Body (Multiple Locations) Sample
MAX30001 Biopotential HR, Respiration Rate Wrist/Chest Sample
MAXM86161 Optical HR, SpO2, Respiration Rate Finger/Ear Sample
MAX30208 Temperature Skin Surface Temperature Body (Multiple Locations) Sample
Sensor Hub
MAX32664C Optical HR, Respiration, and SpO2 Wrist Buy
MAX32664A Optical HR, Respiration, and SpO2 Finger Buy
Reference Designs
MAX-ECG-MONITOR Biopotential ECG Chest Sample
MAXREFDES103 Optical HR, SpO2 Wrist Sample
MAXM86161EVSYS Optical HR, SpO2 Ear Sample
MAXREFDES104 Biopotential PPG, ECG, EEG Wrist Sample
MAX20360 PMIC with Ultra-Low IQ Regulators, Charger, Fuel Gauge, and Haptic Driver for Small Li+ System Sample

The last thing that anyone about to undergo a medical procedure needs to worry about is whether the tool being used has been compromised. But surgical tools, pulse-oximetry probes, medication cartridges, and other medical disposables can fall victim to unauthorized overuse, counterfeiting, and other security breaches. Fortunately, protecting medical disposables is easier than you think with Maxim’s crypto-strong, cost-effective portfolio of DeepCover® secure authenticators and 1-Wire® memory devices.

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What is the 1- Wire Interface Easily Secure Your Medical Disposables

1-Wire Contact (SFN) Package

Add Authentication, Calibration, or Data Collection to Non-Electronic Products

Check out Maxim’s Security Lab
Featured Parts Description EV Kit Buy/ Sample
DS28E50 Secure SHA-3 authenticator with ChipDNA™ physically unclonable function (PUF) protection, FIPS/NIST-compliant TRNG, and decrement-only counter DS28E50EVKIT Sample
DS28E38 ECDSA P256 authentication with ChipDNA PUF protection, authenticated decrement counter, TRNG external data source DS28E38EVKIT Sample
ECDSA P256 or SHA-256 two-way authentication, optional authentication protection of user EEPROM, TRNG source, secure GPIOs and download processing DS28C36EVKIT
DS28E83 Gamma/eBeam sterilization tolerant, ECDSA P256 or SHA-256 two-way authentication, protected user OTP, secure download, TRNG source, secure GPIO DS28E83EVKIT Sample
MAX66240 Secure authenticator with ISO 15693, SHA-256, and 4Kb User EEPROM MAX66300-24XEVKIT Sample
MAX66242 ISO/IEC 15693 HF and I2C dual interfaces, SHA-256 two-way authentication, RF energy harvesting for external supply MAX66300-24XEVKIT Sample
DS28E07 1024-bit, 1-Wire EEPROM with guaranteed unique 64-bit ROM ID Sample
DS2401 Silicon serial number with factory-lasered, 64-bit ROM DS9090EVKIT Sample
DS2484 Single-channel I2C-to-1-Wire bridge device with adjustable timing and sleep mode, built-in level translator, and built-in ESD protection (±8V human body model contact discharge on IO pin) DS2484EVKIT Sample
MAXAUTHDEMO DeepCover secure authenticator demonstration kit See Demo Kit Sample

Maxim New Breed of AI Micro Built to Enable Neural Networks to Execute at Ultra-Low Power

Artificial intelligence (AI) requires extreme computational horsepower, but Maxim is cutting the power cord from AI insights. The MAX78000 is a new breed of AI microcontroller built to enable neural networks to execute at ultra-low power and live at the edge of the IoT. This product combines the most energy-efficient AI processing with Maxim's proven ultra-low power microcontrollers. Our hardware-based convolutional neural network (CNN) accelerator enables battery powered applications to execute AI inferences while spending only microjoules of energy.

Watch Video: AI Camera in Action

Learn more about our Low Power Microcontrollers!

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Fundamentals of Error Correction Codes Introducing the MAX32660 Evaluation System Error Correcting Code Memories
Part Number Flash SRAM No. of GPIOs Active Current (µA/MHz) Standby Current (µA)[1] Security Features Buy EV Kit Sample
MAX32655 512KB 128KB Up to 52 23.8 @ 3.0V 4.4 @ 3.0V TPU[2]: AES-256, Secure Boot ROM, TRNG
  • BLE 5 Radio
  • BLE RISC-V Co-Processor
  • Integrated SIMO
MAX32660 Up to 256KB Up to 96kB Up to 14 50 @ 0.9V[4] 1.9 @ 1.8V -
  • Super Tiny Package
  • UART/SPI/I2C bootloader
MAX32666 1MB Up to 560kB Up to 48 27 @ 3.3V 6.3 @ 3.3V[5] TPU[2]: ECDSA, RSA, AES-256, Secure Boot ROM, TRNG
  • BLE 5 Radio
  • Integrated SIMO
  • Dual core
MAX32670 384KB 160kB Up to 31 44 @ 1.8V[3] 3.0 @ 1.8V TPU[2]: AES-256, Secure Boot ROM, TRNG
  • Error Correcting Code (ECC)
  • Integrated LDO
MAX78000 512KB 128KB Up to 52 41.9 @ 3.0V 11.1 @ 3.0V[1] AES 128/192/256 Hardware Acceleration Engine
  • Neural Network Accelerator
Secure Microcontroller
MAX32520 2MB 136kB Up to 27 10.6mA @ 1.8V 3.84 @ 1.8V[5] AES, SHA, ECDSA, Secure Boot Loader, PUF-Based Keys
  • PUF-Based Keys
  • Serial Flash Emulation
  • Large Memories

[1] RTC enabled and SRAM retained.
[2] TPU = Trust Protection Unit with encryption and advanced security features.
[3] Running at 12MHz.
[4] Running at 24MHz.
[5] 32kB of SRAM retained.

Solutions with efficient power, precision measurement, reliable connectivity, and robust protection become essential to delivering innovative healthcare products. These products need to deliver long runtimes, measure quickly and accurately without calibration, provide connectivity in the toughest environments, and operate continuously even in the presence of faults. All these products need high performance essential analog integrated circuits to deliver innovative solutions that propel next-generation wearable, patient monitoring, and advanced healthcare applications.

Learn more about our Low Power Microcontrollers!

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Battery Freshness Seal Solution RTC Accuracy Over Temperature Real-Time Efficiency Power Measurement with nanoPower Technology Battery Backup System with Ideal Diode
Efficient Power
Product Application(s) Part No. Description Buy/Sample
Boost Battery-Powered Medical Equipment
Optical Heart-Rate Monitoring (OHRM) LED Drivers
Supercapacitor Backup for Real-Time Clock (RTC)/Alarm Buzzers, Wearable Devices
MAX17225 400mV to 5.5V Input, nanoPower Synchronous Boost Converter with True Shutdown Sample
Buck Wearable Devices
Single Li-ion (Li+) and Coin Cell Battery Products
MAX38640 Tiny 1.8V to 5.5V Input, 330nA IQ, 700mA nanoPower Buck Converter Sample
Continua Portable Devices with a Removable Battery MAX38888 2.5V–5.0V, 0.5A/2.5A Reversible Buck/Boost Regulator for Backup Power Applications Sample
Precision Measurement
Product Application(s) Part No. Description Buy/Sample
Op Amp Wearable Devices, Home Medical (Blood Glucose, Weight Scale, Blood Pressure, EKG), Fitness and Health (Smart Watch, Heart-Rate Monitor) MAX40108 1V, Low-Power, Precision Operational Amplifier Sample
Comparator Portable Medical Devices MAX40014 nanoPower 4-Bump Comparator in Ultra-Tiny 0.73mm x 0.73mm WLP/SOT23 Packages Sample
RTC Handheld Instrumentation
MAX31343 ±5ppm, I2C Real-Time Clock with Integrated MEMS Oscillator Sample
Reliable Connectivity
Product Application(s) Part No. Description Buy/Sample
Wireless Transmitter Wireless Sensors and Alarms MAX41460 300MHz–960MHz ASK and (G)FSK Transmitter with SPI Interface Sample
Wireless Receiver Building Access Control MAX41470 290MHz to 960MHz ASK/FSK Receiver with SPI Interface Sample
RS-232 Diagnostics Equipment
Medical Equipment
MAX33250E 600V Isolated 2Tx/2Rx and 1Tx/1Rx RS-232 Transceiver with ±15kV ESD and Integrated Capacitors Sample
Robust Protection
Product Application(s) Part No. Description Buy/Sample
Supervisor Portable Instruments
Disposable Low-Power Electronics
MAX16150 nanoPower Pushbutton On/Off Controller and Battery Freshness Seal Sample
Temp Sensor Internet of Things (IoT) Sensors
Precision Temperature Monitoring
MAX31889 ±0.25°C Accurate I2C Temperature Sensor Sample
Ideal Diode Battery Backup Systems
Portable Medical Devices
MAX40203 Ultra-Tiny Nanopower, 1A Ideal Diodes with Ultra-Low-Voltage Drop Sample

Whether at home, the intensive care, or a nursing home, patients deserve the best care technology has to offer. Allowing for smaller designs with lower overhead cost, vibration-free movement and powerful yet energy-efficient drives, Trinamic pushes the envelope on medical applications. Gain quick access to decades of experience and expertise in motion control with Trinamic. Tested by ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified Quality Management, Trinamic's solutions transform digital information into perfect physical motion, allowing you to design state-of-the-art healthcare equipment that's made to last.

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Trinamic Open Source Ventilator Project” Trinamic SpreadCycle™ and StealtChop™ Technology for Silent Stepper Motors Explained
Part Number Description Controller Interface Features Buy/Sample
TMC2209 Single-axis stepper motor driver for 5 - 29 V and 2.0 A (RMS) Step/Direction, Single Wire, UART StallGuard4, CoolStep, SpreadCycle, StealthChop2, Passive Breaking, Standalone mode (without µC) Go to TMC2209
TMC2300 Single-axis stepper motor driver for battery-powered devices with 1.8 - 11 V and 1.2 A (RMS) Step/Direction, UART Battery operation, <50 nA typ. standby current draw
Low RDSon (LS 170 mΩ & HS 170 mΩ (typ.)
StallGuard4, CoolStep, StealthChop2, MicroPlyer
Go to TMC2300
TMC5130 Single-axis stepper motor driver and motion controller for 5 - 46 V and 1.4 A (RMS) SPI, Step/Direction,Single Wire UART Ramping Profiles (Linear, SixPoint), StallGuard2, CoolStep, SpreadCycle, MicroPlyer, StealthChop, DcStep, Passive Breaking Go to TMC5130
TMC5160 Single-axis stepper motor driver and motion controller for 8 - 60 V and up to 20 A RMS using external MOSFETs SPI, Step/Direction,Single Wire UART Ramping Profiles (Linear, SixPoint), StallGuard2, CoolStep, SpreadCycle, MicroPlyer, StealthChop2, DcStep Passive Breaking Go to TMC5160
TMC4671 Single-axis servo controller IC for BLDC and PMSM motors featuring integrated vector control SPI, Step/Direction, UART, RTMI Field Oriented Control
Fast PWM Engine (25 - 100 kHz)
Go to TMC4671
TMC6140 3-phase predriver IC for 5 - 30 V with integrated shunt amplifiers and 3V3 switching regulator UART 3V3 Switching Regulator (0.5 A) with internal Schottky diode (up to 100 mA), Charge pump pin to utilize buck converter for step-up converter, 3 bottom shunt amplifiers, 2 low power modes with 0.25 mA standby current consumption, Diagnostics output via UART-TxD Go to TMC6140
TMCM-1617 Low-weight and compact single-axis servo drive for 3-phase BLDC motors up to 18 A (RMS) and +24 V supply RS485, CAN, EtherCAT, CoE Servo driver, Customization options, Cooling via aluminum housing Go to TMCM-1617
TMCM-3110 3-axis stepper motor controller and driver module for 9 - 52 V and up to 4 A from each output RS485, Step/Direction, CAN, USB, EtherCAT StallGuard2, CoolStep, SpreadCycle, Trapezoidal Ramping Profile Go to TMCM-3110
TMCM-3351 3-axis stepper servo controller and driver module for 18 - 53 V and up to 9.5 A from each output RS232, RS485, SPI, CAN, USB Closed-Loop Control, DcStep, ChopSync Go to TMCM-3351
TMCM-6110 6-axis stepper motor controller and driver module for 9 - 28 V and up to 1.6 A from each output RS485, CAN, USB StallGuard2, CoolStep, SpreadCycle, Trapezoidal Ramping Profile Go to TMCM-6110
TMCM-1240 Single-axis stepper motor controller and driver board for 10 - 30 V and up to 2 A (RMS) RS485, Step/Direction, CAN, USB, GPIO DcStep, CoolStep, StallGuard2, StalthChop, SixPoint Ramping Profile Go to TMCM-1240
TMC4671+TMC6100-TOSV-REF Open-source reference design for a BLDC servo driver from +12 - +36 V and up to 6 A (RMS) designed for ventilators and respirator systems RS485,UART Completely open-source reference design for medical ventilators and respirators utilizing the TMC4671 servo controller and TMC6100 gate driver Go to TMC4671+TMC6100-TOSV-REF