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Game Changing Technology from Maxim....

Staying ahead of the game is exhausting - constantly living life looking over your shoulder means that eventually you’re going to trip up. We design our portfolio of ICs so that you don’t just stay ahead of everyone else’s game – you get to change it and make your own rules! We invite all aspiring gamemasters to come and visit our virtual booth at embedded world 2021 DIGITAL from March 1 – 5.

Personalized Healthcare Simplified

You’re an individual so you need your wearable to adapt to the individual way in which you live your life. Whether at work, rest or play, you want to be certain that your wearable accurately and continuously captures your vital signs. Maxim understands personalized healthcare and how it is used for disease prevention monitoring, to proactively manage chronic conditions or simply to maintain general well-being. Our highly integrated sensors use sophisticated algorithms that respond to the changing cycle of your everyday life, so that you can have confidence in the readings from your wearable. Discover our game changing health sensor technologies at embedded world 2021 DIGITAL — and take personalized healthcare to the next level.

Talk to our experts about these topics:

  • ECG, PPG, and Temperature Sensing Development Platform
  • Power Solutions to Extend the Battery Life of Wearable Sensors
  • Solar Power and the Internet of Things

Smaller, Safer, More Secure Computing Solutions

Robustness, reliability and security are the cornerstones of portable IoT devices. Our tiny, ultra-low power microcontrollers help to minimize IoT device footprint while maximizing battery life. Our micros combine the biggest embedded memories of any MCUs in their class with advanced cryptography and physical security, to provide the highest level of protection against side-channel attacks, physical tampering, and reverse engineering. At embedded world 2021 DIGITAL, discover how Maxim Integrated microcontrollers bring the IoT to life.

Discover our newest Microcontroller and Security Authentication technology in the following areas:

  • Error Correcting Code Memories
  • Operating Multiple Remote Sensors
  • Open Source BLE Wrist Wearable
  • Future of Automotive Authentication
  • Bringing secure IoT functionality to the Cloud

Embedding Inferencing at the Edge

Using your brain requires a lot of energy! The same is true of the AI “brain” that powers edge computing devices like self-driving cars, automated factory equipment and virtual assistants. Continuously crunching huge volumes of real-time data requires lots of energy – a finite resource, especially in battery powered devices. Maxim takes an alternative approach to enabling AI at the edge by using the lowest power inferencing hardware to permit more complex battery powered AI inferences. Our microcontrollers also integrate fast, low-power neural processing in addition to large embedded memories and advanced security features. Our unique architecture eliminates CPU processing to make inferences run hundreds of times faster while using less energy than a conventional microcontroller.

Register to access our virtual booth at embedded world 2021 DIGITAL to see these exciting demos:

  • AI Camera in Action (MAXCAM)
  • AI Face Identification
  • AI Keyword Spotting - Snake Game

Moving Intelligence Next to the Factory Floor

Maxim’s portfolio of intelligent sensors and software-configurable IOs increase industrial productivity by bringing computing intelligence to the very edge of the factory floor. Using enhanced diagnostic features, they enable safe and fault-tolerant industrial systems that gather higher quality real-time information. The shrinking footprint of our industrial communication and motion control technologies deliver ever-higher levels of machine integration, while improving efficiency and robustness.

Visit our virtual booth at embedded world 2021 DIGITAL for these Industrial demonstrations:

  • Building Automation with Go-IO
  • Factory Automation with Go-IO
  • Intelligent Sensors for Industrial Automation
  • Software Configurable Universal IO with Safety Monitoring
  • Boosting Productivity Using Motion Control by Trinamic
  • Boosting Productivity Using Smart IO-Link™ Controlled PANdrive™ Solutions by Trinamic
  • TMC4671 - Code-Free Servo Controller IC with Field Oriented Control by Trinamic

Analog Foundations for Your Digital Innovations

Longer runtimes, out-of-the-box accuracy without calibration and connectivity in the toughest environments – all are becoming the expected norms for equipment performance. These require analog signal conditioning technologies that are power efficient, precise and reliable with robust protection. Maxim’s Essential Analog ICs deliver on these features and much more. Experience them for yourself at embedded world 2021 DIGITAL.

Get Analog IC Insights On-the-Go: Learn more about the Essential Analog Mobile App

Visit our booth to learn about our Essential Analog tools:

  • Efficient Power – Extends Battery Life with Highest Light Load Efficiency
  • Precision Measurement – ADC in Crank Arm
  • Reliable Connectivity – Home Automation Solutions
  • Robust Protection – Battery Seal Solution

Order your Essential Analog toolkit: Get Maxim’s high-performance analog building blocks in an ESD-protected package.

The Basis for Transformative Mobile Electronics

Efficient battery monitoring and fast charging are critical features for the latest personal electronics. Maxim provides the smallest, most efficient and lowest power battery monitoring and charging solutions to help you maximize battery life for these products. Be inspired by our comprehensive range of battery management IC solutions at embedded world 2021 DIGITAL.

Come visit our virtual booth and we will show you demos on:

  • Leading Transient Performance with Maxim’s Buck-Boost Converters
  • Better Battery Safety and User Experience with Accurate Fuel Gauges

Bringing You Where You Need to Be

Our comprehensive portfolio of AEC-Q100 automotive ICs includes everything you need to design smart vehicles that are safe, clean and green. Whether it’s serial link, electric vehicle BMS, lighting, display, USB, power management or a security challenge you’re trying to address, we can help you to overcome it.

Visit us at embedded world 2021 DIGITAL to learn more about our game changing Automotive Gesture solution:

  • Gesture Sensor for Automotive Applications

Helping You Solve Your Toughest Design Problems

Great engineers deserve great tools to work with! We provide a suite of design tools to help simplify and shorten your design cycles - these include online and offline simulators, models, application software, product selectors, calculators, and more. Our training videos, tutorials, and seminars cover topics from basic electronics to advanced technology to help you solve even the toughest of problems. If a solution still evades you, our worldwide team of dedicated engineers are always on hand to provide you with live technical support via phone, chat, and email.  Discover our full range of helpful engineering resources at embedded world 2021 DIGITAL, in addition to the following useful demonstrations:

  • Rapid Power Design for Every Designer
  • Stress the Power Design - Not the Engineer!
  • Start Here—100s of Tested Reference Designs with CAD Schematics to Accelerate Your Next Design

Learn from the Experts! Visit our Speaking Sessions:

embedded world Conference 2021 DIGITAL:

  • Meeting the Complex Power Supply Demands of ADAS and Autonomous Driving Functions

    • Session 5.3 Hardware Power
    • Day/Time: 3/1/2021, 5:15 PM - 5:45 PM (CET).
    • Speaker: Sebastian Scholz, Senior Field Application Engineer, Automotive EMEA, Maxim Integrated

  • Low Voltage Signal-Chain for the IoT Sensors of the Future

    • Session 10.3 System-on-Chip: Analog RF & Mixed Signal
    • Day/Time: 3/4/2021, 5:15 PM - 5:45 PM (CET).
    • Speaker: Maurizio Gavardoni, Senior Principal Member of Technical Staff, Core Products Group, Maxim Integrated

Link to the event program:

electronic displays Conference 2021 DIGITAL:

  • A Cost-Effective Gesture Solution for Enhanced Driver Safety in Automotive Applications

    • Session 9: User Interfaces and Flexible Displays
    • Day/Time: 3/3/2021, 4:15 PM - 4:35 PM (CET).
    • Speaker: Szu-kang Hsien, Director, Business Management, Automotive Business Unit, Maxim Integrated

Link to the event program: