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Innovation That Powers Transformation

We’re in a pivotal moment.

That’s because every one of us can access and use data in unprecedented ways to manage and augment our lives, for ourselves. We can monitor and shape our health. We can control our home environments. Thanks to real time data, our cars are safer to drive, easier to personalize (and they’re even starting to drive themselves).

It’s a time of human-scaled innovation, and all this change can only happen because of the hard work of integrated circuits. To make all this change happen, the modern integrated circuit has to meet a variety of demanding criteria: rich functionality, low power, fast performance, small size, to name just a few.

At Consumer Electronics Show 2021, Maxim Integrated is virtually showcasing an array of hard working technologies that fuel the ever-quickening cycle of innovation; integrated circuits that meet the toughest design challenges and help companies shorten innovation cycles to market quickly.

Personalized Healthcare Simplified

The personalized healthcare revolution is here. Thanks to wearables designed with precise sensors and sophisticated algorithms, we can now access a wealth of personal health data in real time, right at our fingertips. With this data, ordinary people have greater insight and agency; now we can more proactively manage chronic conditions, preventative care needs, and overall well-being. Maxim is at the forefront of this revolution, as our highly integrated sensor ICs support more use cases by monitoring an increasingly wide range of vital signs, precisely and continuously. Experience our latest health sensor technologies at CES 2021—and take the next step in bringing your vision of personalized healthcare to the world.

You will see demos from our experts on these topics:

  • Power Solutions for Extending the Battery Life of Wearable Sensors
  • Solar Power and the Internet of Things
  • Complete Optical Biosensing Module for Heart-Rate and SpO2 Monitoring
  • In-Ear Heart-Rate Monitor
  • ECG, PPG, and Temperature Sensing Development Platform
  • Wrist-Based PPG and ECG Solution
  • Wrist-Based SpO2 Reference Design with Clinical-Grade Accuracy
  • Wrist-Based Heart-Rate and SpO2 Monitoring Solution

Empowering Embedded Inference at the Edge

To bring the promise of the Internet of Things to life, it’s crucial to get the fundamentals right. That means making portable devices that are robust, reliable and secure. Our 32-bit microcontrollers provide the cornerstone for building robust devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) age. Ultra-low power operation helps maximize battery life, small footprints enable ubiquitous use, and best-in-class security protects your investment. Our ultra-low-power, 32-bit microcontroller devices combine the biggest embedded memories of any MCUs in their class with ultra-efficient power management. Our secure 32-bit microcontrollers integrate advanced cryptography and physical security to provide the highest level of protection against side-channel attacks, physical tampering, and reverse engineering. At CES 2021, you’ll be able to see how Maxim Integrated microcontrollers bring IoT-enabled devices to life.

Discover our newest Microcontroller and Security Authentication technology in the following areas:

  • Operating Multiple Remote Sensors
  • Open Source BLE Wrist Wearable
  • Error Correcting Code Memories
  • Future of Automotive Authentication
  • Bringing secure IoT functionality to the Cloud

The AI revolution is giving people access to data and real time analytic power that was unimaginable even five years ago. It’s truly a whole new world; from virtual assistants to self-driving cars, automated factory equipment, and voice recognition in consumer devices. But as we enter the era of the Internet of Things, there’s an inherent tension: how to infuse remote objects with artificial intelligence without the power-hungry computing horsepower. Maxim is also enabling AI at the edge in an unexpected way: by providing the absolute lowest power inferencing hardware, making more complex AI inferences possible on battery power. Maxim’s microcontrollers now integrate fast, low-power neural processing at reasonable cost, along with big embedded memories and advanced security. Our unique architecture eliminates CPU processing and minimizes energy spend to make inferences run hundreds of times faster and at lower energy than when running on a conventional microcontroller. With Maxim’s technology, AI at the edge is possible everywhere.

Register to access our virtual booth and have see these exciting demos:

  • AI Camera in Action (MAXCAM)
  • AI Face Identification
  • AI Keyword Spotting - Snake Game

The Basis for Mobile Electronics that Transform Lives

With our integrated circuits for mobile electronics, you can create sought-after gadgets that your customers can’t wait to get their hands on. Maxim Integrated offers solutions that deliver the high efficiency, fast charging, and low quiescent current that the smallest, longest running products demand. A high level of battery monitoring and sensor accuracy enable you to deliver insightful, actionable data from wearables and similar devices. Get inspired by our mobile electronics solutions at CES 2021.

At CES 2021, we will show you demos of these areas:

  • Fast Charging with USB Power Delivery
  • Better Battery Safety and User Experience with Accurate Fuel Gauges
  • Enhance Battery Life for Li+ Applications
  • Power Multimedia Application Processors with Maxim’s Mobile High-Performance PMICs

A Foundation for Your Innovation

As technology becomes more integrated into our daily lives, our performance expectations become more demanding. Longer runtimes, out-of-the-box accuracy without calibration, connectivity in the toughest environments – all are fast becoming baseline performance standards. Moving forward, efficient power, precision measurement, reliable connectivity, and robust protection are standard characteristics of serious underlying analog technologies. This is all what Maxim’s Essential Analog ICs deliver—and what you’ll experience at our Virtual CES 2021.

Get Analog IC Insights On-the-Go: Learn more about the Essential Analog Mobile App

Visit our booth to learn about our Essential Analog pillars:

  • nanoPower Boost Converter Extends Battery Life with the Highest Light Load Efficiency
  • Optimize your hardware with a High Accuracy Power Accumulator
  • nanoPower Ideal Diode Solution extends your battery life by 20%
  • nanoPower and Long Range Wireless Home Automation Solution for a Smarter Home

Empowering Intelligence at the Edge

Maxim’s intelligent sensors, software-configurable IOs, and diagnostics technologies are pushing intelligence to the edge, enabling safe, fault-tolerant industrial systems that can gather higher quality information in real-time, increasing productivity at the very edge of the network. As our industrial communication and Motion Control technology continues to get smaller while delivering increasingly greater levels of integration, efficiency, and robustness, it is proving to be an essential workhorse of industrial convergence.

Visit our virtual booth to get insights of our Industrial demos:

  • Boosting Productivity Using Motion Control by Trinamic
  • Boosting Productivity Using Smart IO-Link™ Controlled PANdrive™ Solutions